Sunday, June 7, 2020

Happy Joy mini-DVD's

Three DVD's to choose from, all with
--Read Along
--Listen And Say
--Sing A Long


Winter Time!
Spend some time with Happy Joy during the winter, as she goes sledding with Noah, builds a door so it's not so COLD inside, and makes pine needle tea when she has a cold.
...includes three stories
Happy Joy Makes A Sled Run
Happy Joy Builds A Door
Happy Joy Makes Pine Needle Tea


Let's Make Something!
Happy Joy takes old t-shirts to make something new, uses mud to finish a wall, and learns how to dye yarn with Laura.
...includes three stories
Happy Joy Makes A Quilt
Happy Joy Muds A Wall
Happy Joy Dyes Some Yarn


Time With Friends
Happy Joy spends time watching movies, listening to her friend, making some money, making dragonflies and octopi, and of course, cleaning up the dishes to help after the party.
...includes four stories
Happy Joy and Her Friend Amy Joy
Happy Joy Has A Yard Sale
Happy Joy Makes Corn Husk Figures
Happy Joy Helps Clean Up After the Party


Cost: $10.00 each

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Read-Along and Listen and Say Delays :(

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, I have a cold that is going around, and have been unable to make the recordings for the Read-Alongs and Listen and Says... Check back at the end of January for an update!

Happy Joy

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Letter to my fellow adventurers!


I'm so glad you had a chance to share in my adventures!  I'd love to hear your adventures too!

You probably noticed that I didn't color my pages.  I'm hoping you can color them and send me your colorings to share with others!  People use colors in different ways!  Sometimes, people color to make something look pretty.  Sometimes, people color to show emotions!  For some people, red means love, and for some other people, red might mean anger... every color could have a different meaning to someone else!

I'd also love to hear your adventures!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Joy


Note to Parents/Guardians:
You can use a copier to make hard copies of pages for your child to color, or you can scan them into your computer and have your child use a paint program.  Then, scan your child's color jobs into your computer and email them to me as a PDF.  Please include your child's first name and age!

326 Books Distributed :)

326 books have been distributed to children in Gallup, Vanderwagen, Ramah, and Zuni (New Mexico) through the Community Cares Project A